Is there a place where both children and adults can open their hearts in peace?
Of course there is!
That's the place where teddy bears are.

Some of my teddy bears are shown here, although they are just a tiny fraction of my work.
I hope you will enjoy their gentle gaze and the atmosphere of nostalgia.

Ceremonial Photograph Scene
'Ceremonial Photograph Scene' from my 2nd photo collection book
Pooh - selected as the "Bear of the Month" by The Teddy Bear Club UK
In procession
In procession
Edward - TOBY Nominee
Victor - Japan Teddy Bear Fan Club contest Grand Prix Winner
Group of works
  Gloria (top row/right) 58cm 3rd prize in the US
Miriam (top row/left) 48cm 3rd prize in the US
David (center) 32cm 1st prize in the US
Sherri (middle left) 33cm feathered mohair
Becky (middle right) 28cm cotton pile
Carol  (bottom row/center) 21cm 1st prize in JAPAN
Kerry (bottom row/left) 21cm brown mohair
Kerry (bottom row/right) 21cm pink mohair
Dorothy 54cm 1st prize in JAPAN
She grased the title page of '100 Teddy Bear Artist in Japan' (Nihon Vogue-sha Co., LTD.)

Ernest 42cm He appeared on the program of the University of the Air (1998〜1999)