Would you like to adopt a Mammie Bear?
Here you can find Mammie Bears which are only available through internet purchase.
Some of them are also Limited Edition works. I will take order on a first-come and first-served basis for these limited edition version in the order of incoming e-mails.
Moreover, for the people who could not visit the events I am attending, I will put some little number of 'non internet purchase only creations' sometimes.

*Prices may be updated when the Yen-Pound rate changes significantly.

Internet Purchase only
Limited Edition

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 Liberty vest  Liberty back label

Internet Purchase only   Limited Edition (3 pieces only)
sold out
Materials distressed mohair, glass eyes, leather pads 
Size 28cm
Comments Handcrafted vest: made of Liberty print Spring/ Summer collection 2009
Back fablic: silk
Buttons: covered button using back fablic silk.
Leather pads: with my autograph and product ID number.
On the back: has Mammmi Bear original label, together with the Union Jack label which certify the bear is made in the UK as a limited edition.

Teddy Bears-Postcard Book

Teddy Bears Vol.1 Teddy Bears Vol.2 Teddy Bears
-Forever Friends-
4 Books by Mammie Bear 
For more ditails on each books,
please refer to the 'What's New' page of this site.
Mammie Bear 'What's New' page
Teddy Bears Vol.1
The first photographic collection published in 2000 to commemorate my 10th anniversary. The second half serves as an address book.
Teddy Bears Vol.2
The second photographic collection showcasing Mammie Bear creations. The second half of the book is a diary/daily planner.
Teddy Bears
 -Forever Friends-
Production memoirs of my two hour documentary programme for NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation.
Teddy Bears
-Postcard Book-
A set of 12 cards. A world of heartwarming Mammie Bear comes alive in the beautiful British scenery in rhythm with the seasons.

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